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  • CosMedix Affirm Serum

    Anti-Oxidant Firming Serum

    CosMedix Affirm Serum is supercharged with over ten unique antioxidants, Affirm™ helps to reduce the visible signs of damage to your skin from sun exposure and environmental damage. Green Tea, Spin Trap and other unique ingredients are added for their antioxidant properties.


  • CosMedix Benefit Balance

    Antioxidant Prep

    Protect your skin from the forces of nature by harnessing the  power of the all-natural ingredients found in CosMedix Benefit Balance. CosMedix Benefit Balance refreshes and tones all skin types. It contains Deuterium Oxide (heavy water) for hydration and  Vitamin C for its antioxidant properties and skin conditioning properties. For use morning and night, or as recommended by your skincare professional. Dispense one spritz into the hand or directly onto the skin, avoiding the eyes. Smooth over the surface of the skin.



  • CosMedix Benefit Clean 100ml

    CosMedix Benefit Clean 100ml

    Give your skin the benefit of a fresh start every day with this gentle non-drying cleanser. This deep cleansing formula gently removes impurities, makeup and pollutants, and is appropriate for delicate, sensitive and normal skin types. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Free, Benefit Clean is calming, with nourishing properties.



  • CosMedix C.P.R Skin Recovery

    CosMedix C.P.R Skin Recovery. It might not look pretty, but just a kiss of this serum is all it takes to start calming irritated, inflamed skin.

    Packed with a concentrated blend of nature’s most potent restorative ingredients, C.P.R by CosMedix infuses the skin with the nutrients it needs to kick start into action.

    Within minutes, skin feels calmer. Within weeks, there’s a total turnaround.


  • CosMedix Clarity Serum

    CosMedix Clarity Serum is a necessity for oily and problem prone skins with effectives actives like Tea Tree, Willow Herb and Witch Hazel.


  • CosMedix Clear Mask

    CosMedix Clear Mask

    Super-absorbent clarifying mask for oily & problem skin

    Fortified with a soothing blend of sulfur and minerals and developed specifically for impure skin conditions, Clear Clarifying mask with its carefully selected ingredients, assists in drawing out impurities while keeping the skin soothed and calm. The result is a clear, radiant, glowing complexion.


  • CosMedix Define AGP Complex

    Resurfacing treatment

    This unique product Utilizes  AGP Complex™, a trans-retinol complex, which is effectively using fruit acids in a cream base. CosMedix Define AGP Complex is mildly hydrating and wonderful for most skin conditions because of its gentle action. It is also a necessary part of the “pre-peel” protocol to prepare the skin for peeling treatment.


  • CosMedix Defy Exfoliator

    Age management exfoliator

    CosMedix Defy Exfoliator is an effective yet gentle three acid exfoliating treatment. Defy refreshes and revitalises dulled skins.


  • CosMedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator

    CosMedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator

    Emulsion™ provides a soothing blend of nature’s perfect moisturizers – jojoba oil and shea butter – in a unique liquid crystal formulation to infuse your skin with intense moisture.

  • CosMedix Eye Genius Complex

    CosMedix Eye Genius Complex is clinically advanced eye cream addresses all eye concerns. It firms, brightens, calms and hydrates all in one! Featuring a cocktail of nature-based superingredients—including five firming peptides, sodium hyaluronate, borago oil and perfluorocarbons (PFCs)—Eye Genius improves the appearance of eye lines, crow’s feet, puffiness, dark circles and more. In a clinical study, a key ingredient was shown to visibly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles by 45% within two months. The addition of light-reflective mica gives the skin an instant boost of brightness for results you can see today and tomorrow.


  • CosMedix Hydrate+ Moisturiser

    Daily moisturiser with Sunscreen

    CosMedix Hydrate Moisturiser is a daily moisturiser with Sunscreen. Hydrate+ offers a full UVA and UVB protection utilizing Zinc Clear and antioxidants. This moisturiser  contains antioxidants making it suitable for all skin types especially those that have a tendency toward dryness or exposure to environmental pollutants.


  • CosMedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment

    Hydrating Treatment

    CosMedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment is a refreshing spritz that can be used for all skin types to hydrate skin and set mineral makeup – especially in dry climates. Heavy Water (Deuterium Oxide) provides to moisturize skin without oiliness